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Modernize with Metallic Accents: Rose Gold, Brass, Silver & More

Modernize with Metallic Accents: Rose Gold, Brass, Silver & More


Metallics can make a bold statement in your space by offering a refreshing update to your home or office with a subtle, sophisticated glow. With brass, rose gold, chrome, silver, and gold furniture and accessories becoming increasingly popular, now is a great time to play around with metal finishes in your interior design.


Metallic trends may change from season to season, but with the right touches, metallic accents can become timeless additions to your décor and gracefully amplify your aesthetic without overwhelming it. To get you started,  here are a few tips on how to balance metallics in your living and working spaces.

Tips for Decorating with Metallic Furniture


Tip 1: Add Accent Chairs with Gold, Silver, and Brass Furniture Legs

Chair with metallic accent

Metallic pieces can instantly make a room feel more styled and pulled-together, and accent chairs are an easy place to start when trying to integrate more metal finishes into your space. A modern dining table with chrome table legs stylishly anchors a dining space, while gold furniture—whether a side table or bedroom chair—is a desirable choice in a living room or bedroom.


Tip 2: Mix and Match Metallic Accessories

Metal accessories


Blending a mix of metals instantly adds visual interest and depth to your living space. To make a cohesive statement that isn’t overbearing, choose a metal finish you love to be the most prominent. Then, accessorize your space with a mix of metallics to guide the eyes throughout the room. Starting small by choosing a dresser or buffet with metallic hardware and accents can be an effortless approach that makes a seamless transition.


Tip 3: Top Things Off with Brass, Gold or Chrome Lighting Fixtures

metallic lamps

Light fixtures draw the eye upward and are an easy way to incorporate metallic finishes into your home decor. Whether you choose rose gold pendants above the kitchen island, a shiny chrome ceiling light over your dining table, or even a metal chandelier with mid-century flair for the living room, alloy light fixtures will cast a beautiful glow on your surroundings.


Start small by adding a few metal accessories to your home, or go big and bring in metallic furniture pieces. Either way, you can’t go wrong since metallic trends never go out of style. Create a home you truly love by adding character and depth with the addition of metallic furniture and lighting from LexMod.


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