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Best Type of Mattress | Memory Foam, Spring, Hybrid

Best Type of Mattress | Memory Foam, Spring, Hybrid

What’s the Best Type of Mattress?

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Memory Foam, Spring, or Hybrid

Your mattress plays a crucial role in whether you feel well-rested every morning, so determining the right mattress for your individual preferences is essential. What’s comfortable for one person may be different for another, but understanding the benefits of different mattress types can help you make the best decision. LexMod has broken down the details for you on our three mattress types so you can be confident in finding one that suits your needs. Read on to learn the difference between memory foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses and let us help you choose the best mattress type for you.


Memory Foam Mattress



Known for its ability to conform to the contours of the sleeper’s body, memory foam mattresses are made up of layers of foam with different densities, providing each sleeper with premium contouring comfort. Ideal for personalized pressure point relief no matter the sleeping style, memory foam mattresses promote proper spine alignment while you sleep.


Memory foam mattresses consist of at least two primary layers; the responsive base layer and the cooling memory foam layer. While the base layer provides most of the support, the top layer regulates temperature. You might have heard that memory foam mattresses sleep hot, but our ventilated gel-infused top layer, like the one found in LexMod’s Aveline mattress, dissipates body heat so that you sleep comfortably.


LexMod offers several variations of memory foam mattresses. Some offer an additional layer of open-cell technology which provides ultimate cooling comfort, while others come with a premium ventilated latex layer that offers the best of everything, from cooling to personalized support. There are even versions of memory foam mattresses that easily fold up and store away when not in use, making them a perfect option for kid’s playrooms or overnight guests.


LexMod’s memory foam mattress come with the added benefit that they can be ordered online and sent right to your front door. Unboxing LexMod’s memory foam mattresses is easy. Simply open the box, unroll the mattress, allow the mattress to decompress, then enjoy.



Innerspring Mattress


The most traditional of our three featured mattresses types, innerspring mattresses have come a long way in recent years and can also be shipped straight to your doorstep in a conveniently portable box, just like our memory foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses contain hourglass-shaped springs laced together in what is called a Bonnell unit. This spring system is then sandwiched between layers of felt with foam padding for reliable comfort and support. Innerspring mattresses keep their structure well, making them great for those who appreciate lots of support.


LexMod’s Kate 8” Mattress is an upgraded version of the traditional innerspring mattress with individually-cased pocket coils. The addition of these coils enables the sleeper to experience premium air circulation, a springy bounce, and full edge support.


Taking comfort a step further, the Jenna mattress from LexMod features a luxe pillow top for that coveted sink-in feeling while still providing the firm support of individually wrapped coils for a thoroughly cozy night of sleep. 


Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

Combining the comfort of memory foam with the traditional support of innerspring, hybrid mattresses are a luxurious choice, perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. LexMod’s Elysse hybrid mattress features an innerspring core with individually-encased spring coils, with a layer of cooling gel-infused memory foam, for exceptional cooling, contouring relief. Plus, as with our memory foam and pocket coil mattresses, hybrid mattress offers isolated motion which limits the bounce and absorbs motion disturbance between sleeping partners.


And in keeping with the convenience of innerspring and memory foam mattresses, the hybrid mattress from LexMod are also sent straight to your door, vacuum packed and rolled to fit in a convenient shipping box.


LexMod offers a variety of memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses to suit any sleeping style for the soundest night of sleep. Explore our collections and let us help you rest easy.

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