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How to Add Velvet Textures to Your Decor

How to Add Velvet Textures to Your Decor

How to Add Velvet Textures to Your Décor

From couches to curtains, soft and smooth velvet is a must-have fabric for the modern home. Available in a variety of stunning shades, the lavish texture of velvet makes a striking statement in any living space. From a velvet sofa to a velvet headboard, to velvet throw pillows and velvet curtains, velvet brings a luxurious accent to your aesthetic. Discover an assortment of stylish ways to incorporate velvet into your modern interior design with our helpful guide to velvet furniture.

velvet sofa


Velvet in the Living Room: Balanced Richness

The key to decorating with velvet is ensuring balance. Velvet’s rich texture can quickly overwhelm when used too frequently, so balancing out your living room with other materials is key. If you have your eyes set on a with mid-century vibes, consider a , or simple window treatments to make your velvet couch stand out even more.

velvet living room

Velvet in the Bedroom: Elegant Comfort

Give your bedroom a glamorous refresh with a touch of velvety texture. A can be the perfect backdrop for a variety of bedding styles that imbue a master bedroom or guest room with decadent coziness. Alternatively, a for your sitting area makes a beautiful statement without being over the top. 

velvet living room

Velvet in the Dining Room: Classic Flair

Bring unexpected luxury to your dining space with the luminous sheen of velvet. Show off your personal style with gathered around your dining room table, or accent with a rich, velvety table runner. Velvet chairs are a beautiful complement to many styles of dining tables, from rustic farmhouse to mid-century modern styles. Performance velvet, made of stain-resistant polyester fabric, is the perfect upholstery choice for kitchen and dining chairs thanks to its long-lasting durability and authentic texture.

 velvet dining room

Velvet Entryway Accents: Pragmatic Vogue

Velvet upholstery in the entryway or foyer can be both pleasing and practical. A or velvet armchair offers functional extra seating, while also presenting a chic and refined touch that guests are sure to notice when they walk in the door.

velvet entryway

Make It Your Own

Browse LexMod’s selection of beautiful velvet furniture pieces to make a bold, glamorous statement in your home. LexMod has a wide variety of affordable modern furniture pieces that complement a variety of decor styles such as rustic, mid-century, and contemporary modern.



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