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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Modern Dining Table


An essential for dinner parties, daily meals, holiday gatherings, and family game nights, the dining table is at the heart of your home. Your dining table is a gathering place for friends and family to share life’s special moments, so it’s important to choose a table that furnishes your dining room with both style and functionality. With endless designs and sizes, from small pedestal tables to large expandable dining tables, it can be overwhelming to choose a setting to suit the needs of your home. Our guidelines below can help you find the dining table that’s perfect for bringing together the ones you love.



For a cohesive look throughout your home, select a table that blends well with your existing dining room decor to create an aesthetically harmonious setting for a relaxed dining experience. The seamless, organic shape of a , for instance, matches well with several modern styles, adding a touch of retro sophist. Gridiron tables and metal dining settings with exposed supports are ideal for integrating industrial . When choosing a modern dining table, keep your broader décor vision in mind and select a table that enhances that vision.

Modern Lippa Table




While there’s no right or wrong choice, a careful selection of table material can make a big statement in your existing dining décor. Wood dining tables tend to fill the room, providing a definitive focal point, while glass top tables are minimalist and unobtrusive, opening up the space and allowing other design elements to stand out. designs, like marble and granite, offer a natural, timeless appeal, while metal options bode well for contemporary and industrial dining rooms.

wood dining table



Finding the perfect balance between size and space enhances the look and function of a dining room, so scaling the size of the table to the space available in the dining room is important. It’s recommended to leave at least a three-foot border from behind your chairs to the wall or other pieces of furniture, so you and your guests can easily get up and down from the table. Mapping out where you plan to place your table with painter’s tape can make it far easier to envision how your dining table will fit into your space.


You’ll also want to consider the number of people you want to be able to accommodate for both day-to-day activities and special events. It’s recommended to give each diner about 2’ of space so that each person has enough elbow room to eat and converse comfortably. Seating four to six guests at a rectangular dining table requires a length of around 60”, while a round table needs a 44”-54” diameter to accommodate the same number.


If you host larger gatherings that only occur a few times a year, investing in an extendable table with a removable leaf or folding element can provide a smart solution so you’re able to seat all your guests. Don’t forget to purchase extra dining seating for these special events. Modern folding chairs or are particularly useful for saving precious square footage in apartments and small spaces.

 steel iron table


Loved for both their form and functionality, rectangular dining tables are the most popular of all shapes. Classic can accommodate more guests than round and square tables. They fit well in long, narrow rooms, but are also great at defining the dining area in open-plan spaces, making them especially stunning in modern, open-concept dining areas.


Round and oval dining tables offer versatility in a variety of settings. Whether used in a kitchen nook or small, square-shaped room, round tables can create an intimate setting and provide ample leg room when they have a pedestal base. In order to avoid guests feeling too far from each other, it’s best to opt for a round dining table only if you need to accommodate six people or fewer.


Square tables offer a sense of proportion in both long, narrow dining areas or square spaces such as the kitchen. Square dining tables are often small and unable to seat large groups, but they are ideal for any event with a small guest list. Their small size also makes square dining tables perfect for creating a cozy modern breakfast nook.


The most important rule to follow when buying a dining table is to purchase one that is right for your home and your needs. LexMod offers a wide range of dining tables in various shapes, styles, and sizes that speak to your personal style and desired function.

rectangle wood dining table









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